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i would like to welcome death droid to the site welcome
IM back
welcome Aj
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Welcome to my humble site before I get my new computer and open up my let's play channel yep you heard it.(excitement is in the air.) well aside from all of that I want to tell you guys that I finished up the game I waited for, well for quite a while its in the title god do I have to rephrase myself every time well of course I do its Hitman absolution  and yes I know other reviews got to this saying that it is well a good game but I waited for this moment for a while to do this review so here it is spoiler alert this is all about a girl named veronica who happened to be going trough the same treatment to become a hit women yes you heard me a hit women ( first id like to point out its a little girl around 14 now me being a gamer who started playing hitman at well 12 I always wanted to be an assassin but this girl was basicly kidnapped and held against her will to be experimented on just like 47 I mean really game really way to keep mortality at its best.)
second of all the girl cant live without a necklace that is in the shape of a flash drive Yea you read it right a flash drive I mean come on a heart necklace with the isotope to keep her alive would of been creative enough or I don't know a cross shaped necklace but no a bloody flashdrive What in the hell were you thinking square enix I mean hell hitman blood money didn't have a story to it at fucking all but now its this girl needs saved because I killed my old informer oh boo hoo my favorite hero is turning into a crybaby the fuck edios if your reading this why just why.
ok so im now going to cover the stealth gameplay which in my opinion is well its lacking what the old hitmans had first you barely hide your weapon you don't have anychance to sneak up on anyone even on easy and you have to have to use instinct which is the dumbest move of all time so let me just say this why do you even try you already torn apart the not caring if someone lives or dies 47 now your taking away my stealthy 47 I mean come on that's what makes him a bad ass well I will say this some of it was good the instinct if playing on a non hard difficulty will show you hints and places to hide your cover changing ability is better than blood money which was none and your instinct made a fire trail so you can see enemy movement which was a little helpful until this happened

COVER SHOOTER I hate, hate , hate when good game series become cover shooters and this was the reamp of hitman ya the reamp of the whole series and they decide to fuck it up by going go in loud and don't bother aiming because we of square enix will give you a fucking perk to not aim wtf am I the only one that misses the old 47 the agent with blood and money (ha see what I did there...well if you didn't you fail at my humor sir/madem) lust and no need for right and wrong he cared only for himself and for his own purpose so take into consideration that now this is a game where you can cod your way out of a fuck hole you put yourself into
but the game isn't half bad the missions were fun the story was a little entertaining and the whole premise of it being in Chicago and hope south Dakota is nice but I miss my open ended free roaming of the world and figuring out five hundred yes I counted in blood money different ways of killing your one or three targets
This game gets a 4.5 out of 10 and gets half a redbond seal of approval
Fucking cover shooters you ruined my favorite games first tomb raider now hitman whats next ?    


redbond9 a posted Jun 12, 13
hi guys im back lololol
sorry about that im just a little excited about being back
first e3 covrage yay im getting a ps4 and a gaming pc screw microsoft even though im a part of xbox live ive been getting a little peved by what they are doing thats why i want your comment yes you wow first time right
tell me what you want to get and as well as what you wish to see me review for the ps4 and pc obviously arma123 and also mount and blade warbrand yea so tell me and the other viewers what you want and how you feel about microsoft and there crappy console.

The man with the plan
redbond9 a that's all well and good but if you didn't hear welp here it is now the Xbox one yes proper name has sacraficaly listend ...
EE DeathxDroid Dear Sony, I apologize for ever doubting you and would like to proudly inform you that I hereby convert back to Playstat ...
Yes my role playing group is on the xbox 360 and is a very friendly community if you want to join just comment below
redbond9 a we roleplay mostly on the xbox360 but we will start on the pc too with first arma 2 or day z either pick
Mirros what games do you role play on

Music Reviews

redbond9 a posted Aug 24, 12
Do you guys think i should do music reviews Tell me what you guys think about it any one can comment on anything troughout the sight just please be as honest as you can be thank you and also you can as well leave your own imput on a review if you feel i left something out

sleeping dogs?

redbond9 a posted Aug 20, 12
Yur all in luck Today the Sleeping Dogs review is going to be done soon
Let me do this on the main page for you all
First i will point out something bad the motorcycle controlls it is a little jumpy and also the drifting is a little sketchy but over all that is over looked by the kung fu if you would excuse the comedic value but still a great fighting system and also a amazing skill tree system lvl ups are hard to obtain but its worth it in the end the game is an amazing set up in hong kong amazing graphics this game gets a 7.9/10
This game also earns a redbond seal of approval
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